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Utrecht University


Utrecht University

( 2018 - now )


Assistant Professor in Game Technology


Applied Games


Minor Game Design

university of amsterdam


Previous Lecturing Experience


Tilburg University (2016-2018): The Brain and the Movies (lecturer), Games for Artificial Intelligence (lecturer), Data Visualization (lecturer), Fundamentals of Information Sciences (lecturer), Data Science in Action (thesis supervision), member of the Faculty Council

University of Amsterdam (2012-2016): Game Studies M.Sc. programme (co-developer), Game Studies Laboratory (coordinator), Technology for Games (lecturer), Project Game Development (coordinator), Profile Project AI-Gaming (coordinator), thesis supervisor, Chairman of the Educational Board (OC)

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (2009-2011): Algorithms & Datastructures for Games (lecturer), UML & AS3 for Game Development (lecturer), Programming Principles (lecturer), Simulations in 3D (lecturer), Minor 'Ambient Interaction' (coordinator technology track and lecturer), Project 'Get Connected' / 'Nemo' (local coordinator)

Maastricht University (2005-2008): Games and AI (lecturer), Philosophy of Science (lecturer), Informatics (lecturer), Knowledge Management (coordinator and tutor), Intelligent Search Techniques (tutor), Modeling Nature (tutor), thesis supervisor

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english teacher in asia



English teacher in Asia

( 2004 - 2005 )


Junior high-school, Elementary school, and Kindergarten


Taiwan -- On a voluntary basis

Teaching in Taiwan